I wrote a book on ChatGPT in Recruiting…without using ChatGPT
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I wrote a book on ChatGPT in Recruiting…without using ChatGPT

I wrote a book on ChatGPT in Recruiting…without using ChatGPT

Are you looking for a light Christmas read during the holidays?  

Although some of my LLM posts have been critical, I find the technology fascinating. It is hard to ignore the advantages compared to traditional machine learning, as I experienced starting back in 2014:

  • No need for a training dataset
  • There is no need for an ML infrastructure
  • No need for deep AI expertise, just some API magic

The OpenAI APIs are out there; anyone can power their applications and features with AI.

I am skeptical, and part of the reason I wrote this book is how professionals will try to force this technology on use cases where it does not make sense or is even plain dangerous. 

 So, if you go through the 70 pages, I promise that you will:

  • Understand how ChatGPT is different than any traditional ML / AI technology
  • How do these differences create new implementation risks that are rarely mentioned in the glamorous AI-influencer posts
  • What is an AI-aware recruitment strategy, and how to make one
  • What are some of the excellent use cases for ChatGPT in Recruitment Marketing, as well as some of the wrong use cases
  • Get my project evaluation framework that can be applied to any AI product
  • Learn about the high-level global risks of using ChatGPT
  • Get inspired with some use cases from my projects where my team and I use generative AI daily

Tatech published the book.

The book is free:

I want to thank the TaTech team, especially Peter, who supported me during the writing process, which was a first for me. 

If you have any feedback or any questions, let me know! 

P.S. – generative AI is a swift-moving space. The book was written in the summer and edited and updated in October. Some of the statements made there might not be up to date anymore. I am working on a reviewed version, which will be published in January.

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