HR Tech Workshops

Executive Summary

This workshop is designed to provide participants from HR Tech companies (Job Boards, Aggregators, Recruitment Marketing & Placement Agencies) with an in-depth understanding of the latest trends in HR technology and AI's impact on online recruiting.

The workshop is structured into three segments: Core Sessions, Optional Sessions, and a Strategic Deep Dive, allowing for a tailored experience based on the client's preferences.

Workshop objectives

After the workshop, the company's senior management team will understand the impact of AI on HR Tech and have a solid understanding of all relevant trends in online recruiting and recruitment marketing. 

Core Sessions

The following is a list of sessions that I propose to include in the workshop by default. These sessions are about 4 hours and take the first half-day of the workshop.

Each session is 1 hour long.

What are the current technology trends impacting HR Tech?

This session focuses on external (tech, economic) and industry-internal trends impacting the business models of HR tech companies.

Current use-cases for AI and Generative AI in HR Tech

This session will explore a range of innovative use cases for AI and Generative AI across the whole Attact-Retain-Hire value chain of Online recruiting.

The state of AI in recruitment marketing

AI and Generative AI fundamentally impact job boards and aggregators' recruitment marketing value chain and traffic acquisition strategy. In this session, I will present the current opportunities for both paid and organic recruitment marketing enabled by AI.

Impact of AI on the Job Seeker Candidate Journey

How does the use of AI impact the user journey for job seekers, and why is this critical for job boards? Deep dive into AI Apply automation tools and Search Generative Experience.

Optional Sessions

The following is a list of optional sessions with specific deep dives. I suggest the client pick 3-4 sessions to add to the workshop. 

The state of SEO in job boards in 2024

Organic traffic is an essential source of candidates for job boards, aggregators and ATS Platforms. In this session, we will explore the state of SEO, the impact of generative AI and a high-level overview of Google Jobs.

SEO optimization framework for job boards and aggregators in 2024

Over the past four years, I have created and validated a framework for SEO optimization dedicated to job boards and aggregators. We can review the framework together in a session and discuss which steps make sense for your business.

Strategic Deep Dive

The following is a list of sessions we can include on the second day of the workshop. This section needs to be agreed upon before the actual Workshop. Most sessions will take 1.5 to 2 hours, so we should pick two sessions. 

Post workshop support

Dedicated consultation hours

Up to two hours of consultation, one-on-one with team members or group consultation sessions after the workshop where participants can discuss specific challenges or queries with the instructors or industry experts.