Podcast: Recruiting Future with Matt Alder – AI-Powered Job Seekers
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Podcast: Recruiting Future with Matt Alder – AI-Powered Job Seekers

Job seekers are turning to AI tools for automating applications, according to the Recruiting Future podcast with Matt Alder. This in-depth guide covers the implications for recruiters, risks for candidates, and promising verification solutions.

Last week, I had the exceptional privilege to join Matt Alder at the Recruiting Future Podcast to talk about an essential topic in our industry - the rise of the adoption of AI tools for job seekers and the corresponding implications, risks, and solutions.

Job seekers, mainly Gen Z and tech-savvy professionals today, increasingly use AI tools in their job application process. These tools help tailor resumes to job descriptions, automatically fill out application forms, and even assist in interviews.

This podcast discusses the implications and risks of job seekers’ use of AI tools in the application process.

  • Employers are seeing a significant increase in application volume, making it harder to identify suitable candidates.
  • There's a potential for a technology arms race as employers and job boards attempt to use AI to detect AI-generated applications and AI-apply tools trying to circumvent them.
  • Impact of AI-Apply tools on the growing landscape for ATS-integrations platforms 
  • However, current detection methods like keyword filters, AI text classifiers, and CAPTCHA have limitations and can mistakenly flag human applications.

For candidates, risks include applications being silently discarded by ATS filters, appearing overqualified due to AI language abilities, and misrepresenting skills/experience without verification. 

We also take a deep dive into some proposed solutions:

Candidate Verification Platforms:

  • Platforms like CVWallet allow candidates to verify their identity, work permits, qualifications, and skills.
  • Candidates own and control their verified data, which can be reused for multiple job applications.
  • Verified profiles reduce the number of unqualified applications and incentivize genuine candidates.

Closed Verified Candidate Databases: 

  • Job boards and employers are building their own verified candidate databases.
  • Verification steps may include ID verification, educational credentials, and more.
  • AI recruiting agents could access these databases to source verified candidates autonomously, which could be a new source of revenue for job boards.  

In conclusion, while increasing AI tool usage by job seekers is disruptive, it also presents opportunities if addressed proactively. Detecting and blocking AI-generated applications has limitations and could add friction, so candidate verification platforms and closed verified databases create transparency and incentivize authentic engagement. Embracing candidate verification may be essential to efficient, fair recruitment amid accelerating AI capabilities. 

You can listen to the podcast here:

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