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I am incredibly grateful to everyone quoting or referencing my articles, especially to the AIM Group, Recruiting Brainfood, Recruitics, Search Engine Roundtable and anyone I have missed.



My "Google is killing Google Job Ads before it went live" article was referenced by Recruitics in their "Google Job Ads to be Discontinued" post on the 9th of February 2024:

Google Job Ads to be Discontinued
Sources participating in Google’s Job Ads alpha pilot are now reporting the tech giant will discontinue investment in the pilot by the end of Q1 2024.

Hung Lee featured my "Google is killing Google Job Ads before it went live" article in issue 383 of his fabulous "Recruiting Brainfood" newsletter. Thanks for the shout out!

The Job Board Doctor aka Jeff Dickey-Chasins referenced my article "Google is killing Google Job Ads before it went live" in his blog:

Google backs off, lots of acquisitions, and other news of the job board industry - Job Board Doctor
Google backs off? I guess I wasn’t as surprised as some folks - but perhaps I’m just too cynical! Still, the apparent retreat of the Google job ads offering


Search Engine Roundtable featured my article "Google is testing a new Job Sites SERP Feature in DE, AT, NL and FR"on the new Google SERP feature for job sites, part of the Google Jobs new UX Roll-out in Europe:

Google Job Search Results Testing New Interface
Google seems to be testing a new interface for the job search results. The old interface was more like a boxed in module, the new interface seems to flow more nicely and be more integrated into the search results user interface.


My "Google Jobs testing new UX article" in "Google for Jobs and SEO" by Recruitment Marketing, a Recruitics blog.

Google for Jobs and SEO - Recruitment Marketing
Things are moving and shaking in the world of recruitment as we reach the new year, especially when it comes to SEO.