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Thank you for visiting my page. If you have navigated to this part, you probably want to know a little bit more about me. Well, here it is...

I have over 15 years of experience in HR Tech and Talent Acquisition in diverse senior management and advisory roles in job boards, recruitment marketing automation providers and job board software providers. The focus of my work has been mostly around automating processes in recruiting using web technology, machine learning and natural language processing. In the past five years, I have extensively focused on building and operating large-scale text classification software using FastAI and HuggingFace transformers. Some of the companies I have worked with are Experteer, Jobsync, Employzone, Jobiak / alljobs.ai, and Jobiqo.

I operate two of the most significant job boards in the web3, cryptocurrency, blockchain and DeFi space - Crypto Careers and Web3jobs have delivered over 150000 applications to leading crypto and web3 companies and visited by more than 1mm+ job seekers.

I also hold an advisory role to the board of TaTECH, the trade association for the worldwide community of organizations that provide technology-based tools for recruiting.

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2023 - Ongoing: GetGigs Inc :: Los Angeles, CA

Lead consultant: SEO, Google Jobs Optimization

2021 - Ongoing: Ofir :: Copenhagen, DK

Lead consultant:Product Development / Google Jobs Optimization / Data Science

2019 - Ongoing :: Jobiqo GmbH :: Vienna, AT

Lead consultant: Machine Learning / SEO / Google Jobs Optimization

2021 - Ongoing :: Jobiak LLC :: Boston, MA

Machine Learning / SEO Consultant

2019 - 2020 :: JobSync LLC :: Virgina, DC

CTO / Product Development