This is a collection of interviews, podcasts and presentations I have done in the past.


2024 April: Brainfood Live on AIR Ep254: Data or Ads - the future of job board advertising

This was one of the most exciting talks I have participated in this year. We had Chris Russel, Bill Fischer, Louise Triance, Yazad Dalal and Steven Rothberg in one show. Over one hour, we discussed the future of job boards in a post-ai world.

Highly recommended!


2023 Dec: Recruiting Brainfood: 2023 Year in Review - Recruitment Advertising & Employer Branding

In this session, Hung Lee and I discussed the changes in Google Jobs, Google Job Ads and some SEO-related topics for recruitment marketing.

2023 Noe: Inside Job Boards and Recruitment Marketplaces: Breaking News: Massive UX update hits Google for jobs

2023 Oct: Brainfood Live on Air Ep 229 - Recruiter Use Cases for ChatGPT

2023 Oct: Chad & Cheese Podcast: Google Jobs Interview

Google for Jobs Insights
Google’s jobs product seems to be all-in, with a pay-per-click (PPC) offering coming soon.

2023 Sept: TaTech RecAd Savy: ChatGPT in Recruiting