I have been a consultant since 2019 with international job boards, aggregators, ATS platforms and HR Tech companies. My expertise is backed by over 15 years of work experience in online recruiting and talent acquisition.

Machine Learning & NLP for job boards and aggregators

I have been actively building AI-powered products since 2013, focusing predominantly on job classification and parsing. Over time, my team and I have delivered custom job classifiers in multiple languages using stable deep learning algorithms (BERT, XLM-RoBERTa). Our classifiers can support large, extensive job taxonomies and can be customized to parse all kinds of job-related metadata (employment type, industry, salary, technical skills, remote type, etc.).

My preferred tech stack are open-source frameworks like Hugging Face, and open-source large language models like Mistral / Llama.

For prototyping, I also use AutoML solutions from Cloud vendors (Vertex AI) and OpenAI APIs for zero-shot and few-shot classifications.

SEO Optimization for Job Boards & Aggregators

Job boards and aggregators require different SEO optimization tactics than traditional blogs and e-commerce platforms. Over the years, I have perfected a custom framework that delivers substantial organic traffic increases for job sites. My services include the development of custom, SEO-optimized job taxonomies, and their implementation, SERP Page optimization, programmatic SEO for job boards, content & static page generation, internal linking, search, and ad page optimization, expired jobs flow, utilizing scraping for long-tail content and traditional technical SEO.

Google Jobs Optimization

Google Jobs is one of the most essential organic traffic channels for active applicants and is consistently in the top 1-3 quality score of all traffic channels for job boards worldwide. I can help get your jobs in front of job seekers starting their search on Google.

My team and I can support your job board and aggregator by formulating your job indexing strategy, setting up the Google Indexing API, optimizing your job posting schema, and measuring your performance against competitors.

Job Scraping & Parsing

Over the past 15 years, I have built highly scalable job scraping platforms capable of processing millions of jobs daily in the US and DACH. My experience covers both ATS-based scraping and generalized job scraping. I have also built automated lead generation systems that detect career pages and automatically onboard companies for scraping.

I have also worked with all key US and European vendors. I can support your team in picking, negotiating and onboarding external job scraping providers cost efficiently or build internal scraping capacity yourself.

ATS Integrations

Through my experience as the CPTO of JobSync, I gathered valuable experience integrating leading ATS platforms like Taleo, Workday, IBM Kenexa - Braising, Greenhouse, Lever into Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, Seek and, replicating the complete application flow from the ATS to the job board.

I can support your job board or an aggregator to explore delivering applications from your customers straight to their ATS platforms, using third-party platforms like JobSync, Merge and Kombo, and doing the integrations on your own.

Job Alerts and Email

I have worked alongside large job boards and aggregators, building highly scalable job alert infrastructure capable of sending millions of emails daily with exceptional deliverability. My preferred mail provider is Amazon SES (Simple Email Service), and I have successfully implemented the same stack in five job aggregators.

My past projects have reached deliverability of over 97%, open rates of 30% or more, and an average infrastructure cost of just $110 per 1 million emails.

Programmatic job advertising & traffic acquisition

Are you considering onboarding a programmatic job advertising vendor like Jobiqo Air, Recruitics, Appcast, Aimwel, or Joveo to handle traffic-buying activities for your career page or job board?

Job-to-candidate matching with vector databases

With the rapid development of generative AI and the technical innovations enabling large-scale embedding generation, a new use case for vector databases emerged. Implement cutting-edge matching of jobs to candidate profiles for your job board.

Job board software consulting & migration

Are you considering building an SEO-optimized job board or an aggregator from scratch? Do you plan on migrating an existing job board to a different software platform? I have worked with all major platforms:, Jobiqo,, and SmartJobBoads, and I can assist you in picking the right software for your use case.

Every migration also carries a lot of SEO-related risks. My team and I can audit and supplement your migration plans with the right strategies to keep all your organic traffic.

German Recruiting Market

Are you a US-based company interested in selling your product or services in the DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) area? I can advise strategically on entering the market and setting up introductions to potential clients or business partners.

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