X Hiring / X Jobs Introduces Featured Job Ads
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X Hiring / X Jobs Introduces Featured Job Ads

X hiring introduces featured job postings. Deep dive into the user experience and current issues.

X Jobs, the ex-Twitter turned X job board, now has sponsored jobs.

From what I found, the feature went live on the 26th of January:

X Hiring announcing featured jobs.

It seems that featured jobs are positioned at the top of the search result page with a slight blue "featured" icon with a star.

Accounts with featured jobs have the orange tick (X premium company subscriber):

Notice that the profile of the company Gauntlet has:

  • An orange premium tick
  • An additional "Verified account" for organizations
  • Jobs listed in the profile

The first featured job I clicked was expired.

The first featured job was expired.

The tracking parameters were not correctly set. The company Gauntlet uses Lever as an ATS, where for external sites, you can add *lever-origin* and *lever-source* parameters to attribute the applications. The URL had the default Lever format, no tracking:



As a reminder, Twitter or X has two types of verified organisation products:

Basic, for $200 / month and Full, for $1000 / month or $10K / year.

Verified organisations enjoy a bunch of features like:

  • Verified badge
  • Priority of posts
  • Square avatar
  • Premium support
  • Monitoring for impersonation
  • X Hiring (still in beta)
  • X Premium +
  • Affiliation

Now, what I don't understand is what the basic product gets in terms of hiring, because there is no information about it. It is also unclear if basic accounts can feature jobs as of now. If it could, getting all your jobs for $200 on X and featuring some of them is not a bad deal.

Getting your jobs on X Hiring

Based on the FAQ in this link, you can setup an ATS integration or manually post jobs. You can also do XML feeds, which is more common for our industry, but this requires you to contact the team at X Hiring.

Most of the jobs are from Lever and Greenhouse, both ATS platforms are well known for being easy to integrate with and easy to get jobs from via the API.

It is also very easy to update jobs, so I am surprised as to why there was an expired job posting for more than 24 hours (I found the expired job yesterday).

Anyway, I keep an eye on H Hiring, so if this is an interesting topic, make sure to subscribe to my blog.