2022 Predictions
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2022 Predictions

I would like to share my predictions for 2022 for Crypto and Web3, AI and Machine Learning and HRTech
2022 Predictions
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Happy new year, everyone!

Every year for the past 6-7 years, I wanted to sit down and write some predictions for the following year. The sad part is that I never plan enough time to do that. This year marks the first time that I sat down and wrote some. It is not as perfect as I hoped it would be and I did not manage to spend as much time as I wanted, but hey - hopefully, you will like it!

I organized my predictions into three sections: Crypto and Web3, Machine Learning and AI, and HR Tech. It is a weird combination, but I am actively working in these three industries. First, I am the Founder of Crypto Careers and Web3jobs - job boards for professionals looking for a career in Crypto, Blockchain, and Web3. Second, I consult HR Tech companies on automation, SEO, NLP, traffic acquisition, and programmatic job advertising.

2022 Predictions - Crypto, DeFi and Web3
The excellent question is, who am I, and why am I qualified to make predictions about this space? My involvement in the Crypto / DeFi / Web3 space is mostly through Crypto Careers - a job platform I created to help people that want to work in this exciting industry. Companies worldwide
2022 Predictions: AI and Machine Learning
I work with HR Tech companies as an external consultant / PM and my role is to help them achieve process automation with machine learning, specifically NLP. My experience is mainly in text classification, entity recognition, text generation, and text summarization. My preferred stack includes Huggin…
2022 Predictions: HRTech and Recruiting
have been working in HR Tech for more than 15 years now. Although my focus has recently been more on the NLP / AI side of the business, I am still a consultant in projects that impact the recruiting value chain. So, here are my predictions for 2022 in HR Tech:

All right, that was it. I hope you enjoyed this long text. I will make sure to come back next year and review these predictions.

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Have a happy new year and a great start in 2022.